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Bacciardi and Partners

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  • Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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  • Address: Via Zanardelli, 7 73100 Lecce Italy



Bacciardi and Partners

Bacciardi and Partners, founded in 1974 by Enzo Bacciardi, is a unique law practice in that it is exclusively dedicated to counseling clients involved in some of the most challenging cross-border transactions and complex multi-jurisdictional deals and disputes.

Our areas of practise are exclusively limited to International Commercial Transactions Law, International Corporate Law and International Tax Law and International Customs and Transportation Law. Unlike most other medium-sized Italian law firms, where these practice areas constitute only a fraction of the firm’s overall practice, here at Bacciardi and Partners we only deal with these fields of Law. Our clients are thus assured that they receive advice from professionals who are deeply entrenched in their fields of practice and who have, throughout their professional years, concentrated exclusively on the legal fields pertinent to international business and commercial practice, an indispensable tool in our handling of cross border transactions.

Another unique feature of Bacciardi and Partners is our multilingual work force. All of our highly qualified lawyers are also either native English speakers or fluent speakers of English and/or French and/or Spanish. We believe that our staff’s language skills, coupled with a deep understanding of political and cultural awareness in addressing our clients’ legal needs, are crucial to our global perspective and a clear example of what it means to be international business lawyers.

Company practice areas: Our law firm covers all aspects of Commercial, Corporate and Tax Legal Services.

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Address       : Via Zanardelli, 7 73100 Lecce Italy

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