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SCAN Sociedade de Advogados, LDA

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  • Date Posted: Jan 20, 2015
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  • Address: Av. Kenneth Kaunda, 660 Bairro da Sommershield Maputo Moçambique



SCAN Sociedade de Advogados, LDA

SCAN is a first-tier law firm in the Mozambican Market.

Created in May 2009, as a result of the association of a highly reputable and experienced team of lawyers, with around 14 years of experience in strategic areas of law in Mozambique, SCAN provides efficient and dynamic client-oriented solutions.

SCAN associates technical skills to a commercial perspective, in a dynamic and constructive approach, which grants added value to its clients’ businesses.

SCAN’s strong teamwork and, above all, the solid local and international experience of its partners is acknowledged and valued both inside and outside Mozambique.

Telephone   : +258 21 491 580/87/88
Fax                : +258 21 491 576
E-Mail           : [email protected]
Web Site      :
Address       : Av. Kenneth Kaunda, 660  Bairro da Sommershield Maputo  Moçambique