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Stašaitis & Partners Law Firm

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  • Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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  • Address: Maironio g. 40-1 LT- 44248 Kaunas Lithuania



Stašaitis & Partners Law Fırm

Aims: We realize that the main ground of Stašaitis & Partners Law office success is our Clients, so the main aim of our Law office is to satisfy every need of every Client. Successfully achieving the main aim of our Law office, we are ready to be among the best Law offices in every country we provide law services.

Values: By trying to reach the main aim of our Law office we follow the values of:

Professionalism – special knowledge in each legal affair we take. Being professionals, it is not just our goal, but also our lifestyle and mindset. We are always open for novelties, attainments and learning. Being a professional in the field of our practice, we fully commit ourselves to what we do and keep ourselves in the center of progress.

Achieving the best result – is what motivates us. By trying to reach the main goals of Stašaitis & Partners Law office, our lawyers are trying to exploit every opportunity, knowledge, skill and experience they have. Our Lawyers adhere to the highest standards of legal excellence and the highest standards of service. The best result we achieve for our Client makes the best reward for us.

Telephone   : +370 37 207987
Fax                : +370 37 207987
E-Mail           : [email protected]
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Address       : Maironio g. 40-1 LT- 44248 Kaunas Lithuania