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  • Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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Prae Global Firm
Sectoral leadership should be your company’s main goal,
PraeGlobal is always there to provide you with this leadership.

Michael Porter, the well-known Management Guru, theorized the competitive strategy and considered the severity of the competition in the market as the main factor in strategy development. Today, entrepreneurs/investors have to build their new investments on this model. PraeGlobal increasing the consultancy network day by day, determines the competitive advantages in the areas it offers and presents them to its customers in the light of scientific evaluations.

The “value creation” argument of modern business is PraeGlobal‘s basic idea. Companies have to be more competitive-more opportunistic when choosing their investment areas, unlike traditional trends. This behavior requires companies to approach their goals as realistic. As PraeGlobal, we are realizing our sectoral visions in line with our vast experience and innovative strategies. We can’t act on assumptions, we use existing data to make optimal decisions for companies.

A new investment area for your company, a new market experience is no longer surprises! We integrate our strategies with our experience and training from the Academy. We analyze and report on the competition situation in the sector for you. We expose the risks, risks and obstacles that players who are interested in the market will face and assess the benefits and/or damages of economies of scale. We analyze suppliers’ dominance, the threat posed by market substitution products and the bargaining power of final buyers. In this way, we analyze the sector in all aspects for a company that we provide consultancy services to.

It is possible for a value-creating company to capture the sector leadership. However, this difficult road is becoming more complex with the company’s managerial decisions, marketing approach and legal procedures. Our consultants are aware of the fact that we offer you services at every moment of this long and intense risk-menace journey. On the other hand, it’s very important for our customers that the ultimate consumers of the general trends, ideas, preferences, etc. A new market is a commitment to a new mass. From this point of view, PraeGlobal will endeavor to provide you with the right information to your customers.

Be a leader, differentiate, focus! PraeGlobal, which provides services within the strategic management concept of today, aims to guide your investments, including issues that require intensive expertise and knowledge. Your mission is shaped by our perspective. With our experience, quality and uncompromising understanding of science, we are committed to serving you.

As PraeGlobal, we offer consulting services today through our main office in 11 different countries. We analyze the internal dynamics, conditions and structure of each country in a gradual way. In 131 countries around the world, our cumulative partners accompany us on this path. We take the necessary steps to guide your investments, increase your investments and reduce the risk factor for you by means of our knowledge.

As a result of the development of transportation lines and innovations in information and Communication Technologies, the world has become a global village today. Accordingly, the organic structure of enterprises is changing and dissolving. In this trend of change, it is very important that you make decisions about your company’s future. It is life for your company to make your financial decisions according to the conditions of the global market. From this point of view, we are the ones who always aim to be with entrepreneurs and companies and we seek to create value with all our strength. We share this value we have created with our business partners all over the world, and we are getting stronger together.

You also make the right decisions to invest and grow/develop your affiliates, and work with PraeGlobal.

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