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Kojima Law Offices

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  • Date Posted: Aug 13, 2014
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  • Address: Gobancho Kataoka Bldg. 4F Gobancho 2-7 Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0076 Japan



Kojima Law Offices

Kojima Law Offices is a law firm in Tokyo, founded in 1984. The firm is a partnership with attorneys qualified in Japan and foreign jurisdictions, and of counsels who are certified tax accountants and certified public accountants. Kojima Law Offices handles domestic and international corporate legal matters, commercial contracts, intellectual property law, labor law, tax, domestic and international dispute resolutions, and crossborder investment transactions, with numerous inbound/outbound transactions from/into the United States, Europe, India and other Asian countries.

Our Philosophy

1. Timely and Effective Services: We aim to provide the most timely, efficient and effective legal and tax services and solutions to meet the client’s needs.

2. Practical Services: We aim to provide practical legal and tax services in various fields using our extensive professional experience, which ranges from the negotiation and strategy phases to litigation and dispute resolution.

3. Total Services: We aim to provide thorough legal services, not just legal information and drafts of contracts, but also negotiation policy and project strategy, etc., with an eye toward legal risk assessment, business operational issues and corporate ethics, as well as tax strategy.

Telephone   : +81 3 3222 1401
Fax                : +81 3 3222 1405
E-Mail           : [email protected]
Web Site      :
Address       : Gobancho Kataoka Bldg. 4F Gobancho 2-7 Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0076 Japan