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Aquinas Law Alliance LLP

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  • Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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  • Address: 24 Raffles Place,#19-05 Clifford Centre,Singapore 04862



Aquinas Law Alliance LLP

Aquinas Law Alliance LLP (“Aquinas Law”) is a unique Singapore limited liability partnership comprising lawyers from Singapore, India and China. The firm is named after an influential 13th century, philosopher, legal theorist and saint, St Thomas Aquinas. St. Aquinas was a highly learned man in his time and shaped much of the thoughts on natural and divine laws. He developed the line of thinking that laws must be directed to the common good, to the happiness that is the goal of human actions. If laws are not for the common good they are unjust and hence not a law. We seek to emulate his qualities of advance thought in the laws and the understanding of the laws and how it should serve a common good and his relation of laws to life, with compassion.

We at Aquinas Law are passionate about delivering the highest quality of legal work and providing efficient solutions to our clients. Our lawyers are committed to our clients and to each other as a team. We work across practice groups to achieve the aims, goals and objectives of our clients combining experience and expertise. We strive for constant self-improvement and pride ourselves on being cost-effective, efficient, responsive and diligent. We also assist our clients to adapt to and understand the culture in not only in Singapore, India and China but also in ASEAN. We aim to give you our best and to be the best at what we do.

The 12 rays in the logo represent the 10 ASEAN countries with India and China which are our focus areas. Blue color represents dependability and reliability in our service.

While we are experienced in handling work specific to our respective jurisdictions, we also specialise in cross-border disputes and transactional work. Our lawyers are mostly previously from Dacheng Wong Alliance LLP, a Joint Law Venture between Dacheng Law Offices, a Chinese law firm, and Wong Alliance LLP, a Singapore full service law firm. Since 2014, we became the Singapore member of ASEAN Legal Alliance, an ASEAN-wide network of law firms. We are also a member of Prae Legal, a network of 252 established law firms in 141 countries worldwide. Besides these, we have a wide network of friendly law firm contacts in various jurisdictions and experience since its establishment.

Aquinas Law serves its many international clients out of its Singapore base. Singapore is an international financial and business hub and is ranked as one of the most competitive cities in the world for business. Also, with its strategic location, Singapore offers Aquinas Law a location in close proximity to the fastest growing economies in the world that are at the crossroads of East and West.

Telephone   : +65 6535 9887
Fax                : +65 6535 0680
E-Mail           : [email protected]
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Address       : 24 Raffles Place,#19-05 Clifford Centre,Singapore 04862

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