PraeLegal-Trademarks-Copyrights-Trade-Secrets-and-Unfair-CompetitionGlobalization and technological advancement have opened new markets for everything from pop music to prescription drugs. Along with great benefits, these changes have ushered in new challenges as well. Namely, it is less difficult and more profitable for unscrupulous actors to infringe on privately held intellectual property rights.

Near-perfect reproductions of protected works can be made quickly and cheaply, and disseminated instantly to markets worldwide. Officials estimate that counterfeit goods now make up 5 to 7 percent of trade worldwide. Companies that expect to reap the rewards of exclusive ownership must be prepared to aggressively protect their trademarks and copyrights.

Through its extensive network of practitioners, lawyers of the Prae Legal Trademarks&Copyrights group represents a wide range of companies, from small start-ups to multinational blue chips, that operate in diverse industry sectors.

Our professionals enjoy close working relationships with Customs and Border Protection officers around the world. Through these ties, we are able to facilitate prompt seizure of counterfeit materials, a notably effective and inexpensive solution for our clients.

A Full-Service Trademark Law Practice

Our practice involves the full spectrum of legal services related to trademarks:

  • Assistance with the selection and availability of marks
  • Prosecution of applications in an effort to obtain federal and local registrations
  • Appeals from the local Trademark Offices
  • Risk management advice
  • Negotiation and preparation of trademark licenses
  • Co-existence and consent agreements
  • Monitoring of trademark use by third parties
  • Advice on the proper use of trademarks in advertising and on packaging
  • Litigation and other proceedings involving trademarks
  • Matters involving international protection

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