PraeLegal-Insolvency-Bankruptcy-and-RestructuringBankruptcy is both multidimensional and specialized. To identify the causes of financial distress, practitioners must have a broad corporate law background and keen sense of the wider marketplace. To develop effective solutions, they must also have detailed knowledge of the bankruptcy code and related federal and state statutes. Prae Legal’s bankruptcy team is justifiably renowned for combining business acumen with technical skill.

Through Prae Legal Network of Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring law practitioners, the Prae Legal group provides clients with a high-quality and effective way to ensure legal compliance. Also the practice group pursues the objective that insolvency and restructuring experts of the Law and Consulting Firms know each other, exchange experiences and are informed through lectures and discussions about differences.

Bankruptcy is unique from other practice areas, because it combines transactional and litigation practice. Attorneys must design complicated contracts as readily as they make oral arguments. Prae Legal’s group lawyers’ breadth of experience in putting deals together and trying cases makes them ideally suited to operate at this legal crossroads. Our bankruptcy attorneys have extensive trial experience and move easily between the courtroom and the conference room.

Range of expertise:

  • Represent large private and publicly held businesses
  • Represent trustees
  • Represent creditors’ committees
  • Represent clients in all forms of litigation arising from bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Represent lenders, developers, and investors in real estate insolvencies and restructurings
  • Advise boards of public and private companies in the midst of financial crises
  • Reorganization options
  • Cross-border cooperation in insolvency proceedings
  • Counsel creditors on reorganizations, foreclosures, and liquidation proceedings

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond Insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring  issues, attorneys  in the group are able to connect you to additional advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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