PraeLegal-E-Commerce-TechnologyPrae Legal Network has an international technology legal group representing information technology, electronic commerce, financial services, telecommunications, and other technology-intensive companies on cutting-edge legal issues. We bring to bear critical technology, regulatory, corporate, and litigation experience with tax, anti-trust, and other capabilities, to ensure efficient, cost-effective representation.

The exponential growth in e-commerce has revolutionized the way businesses buy, sell, operate, and communicate. And while the digitization of commerce has boosted efficiency and profitability, it has also raised the specter of new and serious online risks. Businesses must have a clear legal strategy in order to prevent and react to cyber-piracy, cybersquatting, data breaches, Internet fraud, online copyright infringement, and online trademark theft. Addressing these and other e-commerce concerns is complicated by the fact that e-commerce law is still clearly evolving. Clients need counsel who are deeply knowledgeable about intellectual property law and continually track changes in the e-commerce field. Through the Prae Legal network, clients have access to lawyers from all around the world, with expertise in a diverse range of e-commerce, privacy, technology and outsourcing solutions.

Prae Legal respected intellectual property group represents a wide range of corporate clients in e-commerce matters. We have experience working with clients from diverse industries. Prae Legal’ can provide clients the best possible advice and support, wherever they do business, around the globe.

The expertise of the Prae Legal’s E-Commerce & Technology group’s attorneys support clients facing challenges such as:

  • Draft terms of use or service
  • legal disclaimers
  • privacy policies
  • sale or license agreements
  • IS and IT
  • Cross-border transfers
  • Data privacy and security
  • E-Commerce
  • protect web-related copyright
  • trademark
  • trade dress
  • software source code
  • Electronic signatures
  • Business social networking

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond issues, attorneys in the E-commerce & Technology group are able to connect you to additional advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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