PraeLegal-AviationPrea Legal Network represents clients in the commercial and general aviation industry, and in the aviation insurance community in all around the world.

The aviation industry lies at the heart of today’s global economy. It influences where workers can travel, how fast cargo moves, what goods and services cost, and which businesses can access import-export markets. Aviation is also one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. It is governed by a vast assortment of national and international codes and bilateral and multilateral agreements, all of which are growing increasingly complex. The great challenge for aviation clients in the 21st century is to achieve regulatory compliance while maintaining efficiency and competitiveness. Prae Legal Aviation Practice Group advises industry leaders on how to operate lawfully and maximize economic performance.

Our professionals serve as primary regulatory counsel to aviation and aerospace clients around the world, and foreign airlines (both cargo and passenger), airports, aircraft leasing companies, manufacturing companies, repair stations, investors, lending institutions, cargo handling companies, maritime shipping companies, tour operators, and foreign governments. Based on our deep and detailed knowledge of aviation law, Prae Legal Aviation Group advise clients on all manner of regulatory compliance; appear before executive branch agencies in authorization, investigation, and enforcement matters

Range of Services

  • Defend clients in investigations and enforcement actions
  • Obtain necessary authorizations and licenses from authorities
  • Serve as liaison between clients and agency representatives
  • Monitor and interpret aviation regulations
  • Advise on compliance requirements for all types of aviation clients
  • Address the regulatory aspects of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, aircraft leases, carrier agreements, wet leases, and agreements with airports, ground handlers, and agents
  • Promote clients’ interests before legislators, policymakers and regulators
  • Defend aviation clients in complex litigation matters

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