According to a write-up by PraeLegal Azerbaijan Office, Government Policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan aimed to attract foreign investment.


Government policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan (“Azerbaijan”), aimed at attracting foreign investment, contributes to the simplification of procedures for obtaining a temporary residence and work permit for foreign citizens and stateless persons intending to establish a business in Azerbaijan. On May 06, 2016, the President of Azerbaijan signed the law on amendments to the Migration Code (“Law”), which are effective since June 02, 2016.  This Law adds several articles to the Migration Code.

The most important changes include the following:                                                                                                                                                                 

Cases of issuance temporary residence permits (TRP) on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The list of cases when foreigners and stateless persons are issued a TRP is complimented with the following:

▪   When the foreigners or stateless persons are specialists with high education in shipbuilding industry or vocational education in the relevant specialty and having at least one year work experience in this field, invited by the contractor (citizen of Azerbaijan or legal entity founded in Azerbaijan) of resident of the Garadagh Industrial Park, carrying out a shipbuilding activity;

▪   When they hold the positions of the head or deputy head of a legal entity founded in Azerbaijan, when its founder or at least one of the founders is a foreign legal entity or an individual.

Cases when working permit (WP) is not required                  

The above-listed categories of foreigners and stateless persons are included in the list of foreigners and stateless persons, who can be engaged in paid labor activity without a WP.

So, the specialist in the shipbuilding industry, specified above,  and head/deputy head of a legal entity, founded in Azerbaijan by (or when at least one of the founders is) a foreign legal entity or individual, are not required to obtain WP for carrying out labor activity.

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