Prepared By Stasaitis & Partners

Prepared By Dauti&Simjanoski Law Firm

Dear All,

On the behalf of Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm, I, Aleksandar Simjanoski, a founder and managing partner of the law firm, would like to say that it took us some time to prepare this brochure. But now when mission is accomplished we are proud of the product of our work. It was challenging but it worthile.

The idea for preparing such a brochure came from the representatives of the Praelegal Global Network in order to provide basic information on how to do business in all of 130 countries from around the world in which there is partner law firm of Praelegal. Lead by that idea, the brochure should provide users with general and very basic information about Macedonia, its business climate, the possible ways of setting up business, its taxes, labor law, investments, incentives etc.

The brochure should not be considered as a given legal opinion, or legal advice and Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm is not to be held responsible, liable or in any way accountable if any damage occurs as a result of personal decisions based on the information here contained. Decisions should be made not relying on this brochure but on the legal opinion and advice provided by professional licensed attorneys of law. Simply contact us. You can find correspondence information in the brochure.

Our young, dynamic and highly committed team will be ready to serve you in the most suitable way for you. We will respond to all your needs, help you resolve all your legal issues and answer all your questions.

Copyrights of this brochure are reserved and if any unauthorized use has appeared, Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm will act according to law. Copyrights of the pictures in the brochure are reserved for the photographers, our friends that give us right to use their pictures in this brochure. Many thanks for the photos to Gjorgji Ristoski, Petar Gerasimov, Bojana Boranieva and Igor D.Jovanovski

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