Doing Business in Kuwait

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The following terms and phrases shall bear the meanings corresponding to each of them:

Relevant Minister: Minister of Commerce and Industry.
Authority: Direct Investment Promotion Authority.
Board: Board of directors of the Authority.
Chairman of the Board: Relevant Minister.
Director General: Director General of the Authority.
Regulations: Executive Regulations to this Law.
Investor: Natural or legal person of any nationality.
License: Investment license issued in accordance with this Law.
Investment Entity: Is an economic enterprise or activity that is licensed in accordance with this Law by virtue of an investment license which grants such enterprise or activity legal existence in the State of Kuwait.
Capital: What is employed or used directly for purposes of Direct Investment through an

Investment Entity that is subject to this law, including:
1. Funds, financial and commercial securities, be they local or foreign
2. Machinery, tools, equipment, transportation means and other technological devices…

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