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About PakistanDoing Business In Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of many splendours and opportunities, repository of a unique blend of history and culture of the east and the west, and is the cradle of one of the oldest civilisation. It is a populous country with 130 million tough, conscientious and hardworking people. It is strategically located at the cross roads of the Gulf States, Central Asia and South-Asia and share borders with China, Iran, Afghanistan and India and while the Arabian Sea to the South offers a vast coastline for maritime trade.

The geographical location has thus made possible the foreign and domestic investment very auspicious to this country, transfer of technology from abroad and shifting of indigenously produced technology overseas. Priority industrial sectors in Pakistan are Value added Agro Industries, Supporting Industries, Information Technology and related services, Corporate Farming, Resource based Industries, Light Industries, Infrastructure and related services and Tourism Development.

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