PraeLegal’s Product Liability and Product Safety Solution

Product Liability and Product SafetyThe unique perils of products liability laws and regulations are well known to companies involved with the manufacture or sale of commercial goods. Unlike other torts, when it comes to products liability, the evidentiary burden for plaintiffs is relatively low and the exposure for defendants can be extraordinarily high. Even the most vigilant, safety-conscious companies must be prepared to respond to serious products liability claims.

In this era of globalized trade and extensive cooperation and communication among plaintiffs’ firms, companies should expect the frequency of products liability filings, particularly multi-jurisdictional class claims, to increase.

Prae Legal professionals provide clients with:

  • Counseling on product liability containment and lawsuit avoidance;
  • Litigation and trial representation;
  • Global, national and regional claims coordination;
  • Representation before government agencies;
  • Advise clients regarding underlying potential liabilities and exposure to particular loss claims, and review contracts, warning labels, and sale or distribution protocols

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs go beyond product liability and product safety matters, attorneys in the group are able to ensure you receive the advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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