Prae Legal is a global law and consulting firm with its vast network which is spanning 142 countries. Prae Legal is a business network with a friendly environment so connected that the network is a combination of its partners’ expertise and collective know-how. This network is established for commercial companies, local and multinational firms and all people who needs legal assistance.

Prae Legal reaches every corner and nation of the world with its number of law and consulting firms. Each nation and country has different characteristics, life style, and legal framework. Prae Legal knows all these differences between countries and that’s where it differs from others. We include all these diverse legal know-how to our network to enrich our legal expertise and understanding. Our key differences from similar networks are our solid relationships with our colleagues, visits to member firms in person, diligence in our legal work and our result oriented culture. Also, all member law and consulting firms’ partners recognize each other by joining our general meetings.

The Prae Legal intends to provide clients with access to different global legal resources through its vast network of 142 well-established law and consulting firms with offices in trade centers.

By working with Prae Legal, you can quickly connect to in-depth local market knowledge and legal expertise practically anywhere your legal needs arise.

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