Agricultural & Agribusiness

We recognize the competitive environment that our clients face. In no other industry does individual philosophy, technology, and the use of capital intersect more uniquely than in the utilization of natural resources for the production of food, fiber, and fuel.

The business of moving food and fiber from the farm-gate to the ultimate consumer involves many stakeholders and a multitude of resources. We understand the breadth of the issues that are involved and meet them head-on with insight, experience, and commitment.


Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge about the industry. We understand the optimization of limited resources in commodity production, and the effort required to reach the marketplace. We stay informed on the issues and trends that our clients face every day in their businesses. Our independent law firms have advanced degrees and specialized education in agricultural law, policy, and science, allowing us to collaborate with clients to achieve results and meet objectives.


Wisdom and strength through experience – a hallmark of our independent law firms. Battle-tested in the courtroom and in negotiation, our experience delivers true value to our clients. But it doesn’t stop there – our independent law firms have lived and worked in production agriculture. We know first-hand both the hard work and the reward of agriculture. The collective background of our team allows us to go beyond just simple representation – we collaborate to find the best solutions for our clients.


Our independent law firms are committed to the future of agriculture. We stay on top of the trends, policies, and economic forces that continually shape and propel the industry. Innovations in biotechnology, the development of new markets, increased emphasis on food safety, and shifting political policies require an ever-increasing level of sophistication to effectively navigate. Our dedication to a sustainable and dynamic agricultural sector drives innovative thinking and approaches to serve our clients

The Prae Legal Directorate Agribusiness group represents:

  • Seed
  • Crop Protection & Productivity
  • Biofuels
  • Biotechnology
  • Cooperatives
  • Livestock Producers & Markets
  • Agricultural Product Distributors
  • Crop Insurance
  • Nurseries
  • Specialty Crops

• Animal health organizations
• Food processing companies
• Fruit growers and wineries
 Financial institutions dedicated to the agribusiness sector
• Farm organizations
• Family farmers

Delivering the best legal services, with integrity and adherence to the highest standards, are hallmarks of our independent law firms. We utilize both traditional and alternative fee arrangements to offer our clients the flexibility to meet the challenges of a competitive economic climate. Our approach is to partner with clients in a way that makes sense to their business.

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