PraeLegal’s Telecommunications Solution

PraeLegal Telecommunication SolutionWe work with clients to define and create opportunities, and transform their businesses to excel in a rapidly changing world. We serve mobile and integrated operators, digital media companies and networking and equipment firms in both mature and emerging markets.

Lawyers of the Prae Legal Telecommunications group have an intimate understanding of their client’s needs and what it will take to protect their assets and build


Through its extensive network of practitioners, professionals of Prae Legal Telecommunications group can assist in relation to indefeasible right to use and building access agreements, shared resource contracts, vendor financing and other finance agreements. Working in a collaborative effort with the other practice groups to provide proven solutions to our telecommunications clients, it will involve licensing requirements with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, and other trade related matters as well as a full suite of corporate advice, such as handling the regulatory issues involved in a merger or acquisition, as well as a sale and purchase of a telecommunications service provider.

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond telecommunications issues, attorneys in the group are able to connect you to the advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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