PraeLegal’s Government Affairs Solution

Government regulations and oversight present businesses and business leaders with some of the greatest challenges they face today. As globalization and technological innovation have remade the marketplace, governments around the world have imposed more regulations and more complicated regulations to try to keep pace. It is a fact of corporate life that organizations must understand and comply with government regulations covering a vast and growing range of topics.

Companies need experienced counsel who can advise and litigate when public policy and business conduct overlap. Through Prae Legal Network network of Government Affairs counsels, the Prae Legal  Government Affairs  group provides clients with a experienced and effective way to ensure legal compliance.

Public policy is affected by politics and it is ever changing. the experienced lawyers in Prae Legal‘s Government Affairs group know what it takes to get the best outcomes for their clients. Our professionals take a distinctly proactive approach to the regulatory practice. This means that we use our knowledge to help clients achieve compliance quickly and efficiently, and with minimum business disruption. It also means that we identify areas where clients might leverage government regulations or available incentives to grow their business or become more competitive. Where others see restrictions, we find opportunities.

The Government Affairs group can provide expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • strategic planning
  • formulation of message(s)
  • drafting of legislation, amendments to legislation and legislative report language
  • preparation of testimony, position papers, advocacy letters and regulatory briefs
  • Represent clients in their relationships with state, provincial or country-specific governmental entities, from the legislative bodies to the various departments, agencies, boards and commissions of state/country-specific government monitoring of legislative and regulatory activity
  • coalition-building and media outreach
  • coordination of demonstrations and other interactive events for key decision makers
  • representation of clients at congressional and regulatory hearings and adjudicatory proceedings
  • regulatory compliance
  • Initiatives and referenda
  • Coordinate legal and government relations strategy

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond government issues, attorneys in the group can connect you to the additional advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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