Due to a substantial increase in the population of the world, industrial and agricultural activities the need for water resources in also increased.  Water supply and management has now become an area in which lucrative investment opportunities can be sought.

Afghanistan is one of those countries that currently does not face a water supply crisis.  According to the surveys conducted by the Ministry of Water and Energy, Afghanistan holds 75 billion cubic meters of water, 70 percent of which flows without any use and freely to the neighboring countries.


Among other natural resources of Afghanistan, water reserves provide a better opportunity because they are not only drinkable but also they are easily accessible.  Water resources of Afghanistan do not need a huge excavation efforts and costs, and most of them are over-the-ground reserves.

In addition to underground water resources, Afghanistan has 25 long and short rivers, and snow packed mountains.  According to a report provided by the United Nations and Kabul University, the annual per capita water in the Country is 2,755 cubic meters.  In case proper investment is extended and water is used property, it will not only satisfy the domestic needs but also can be used to contribute towards the needs of the neighboring countries for power and water.


In order to make proper use of the water reserves of Afghanistan and to increase the share of the private sector, the Government of Afghanistan has recently enacted a national water sector strategy.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Water, an effective management of water resources, especially avoiding the free flow of water to the neighboring countries and using that water to produce energy and agriculture, is an important factor in converting the economic condition of the country.  Due to the above, the Ministry has designed projects to build water reservoirs for storing puttable water and water that can be used in agriculture and production of energy.  Each of these long and short term projects provides good investment opportunities for domestic and International investors.


According to the Ministry, curbing the flow of water to the neighboring countries is the priority of the Government and in order to serve that purpose, the Ministry is planning to build 111 water dams.  Furthermore, the Ministry plans to build 400 small, medium and large water dams in the next five years.

The following are the projects that the Government of Afghanistan has designed to be implemented in the future few year:  Building hydro-power dams on Afghanistan rivers to store water for the purpose of producing electricity and irrigation, establishing modern irrigation system, industrial water supply, household water supply, building fish farms, underground water tunnels, drilling thousands of water wells, building water supply services for over 60 percent of the population.  The projects are intended to provide an ample investment opportunity for foreign investors and are worthwhile of domestic and international investment consideration.


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