PraeLegal’s Real Estate Solution

In today’s complex world, challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry span borders and markets. We take the long term view of the real estate cycle, staying attuned to where the market is and monitoring trends to help our clients anticipate change.

In real estate, deal norms change from month to month, depending on the economic climate and marketplace. Because the real estate team group at Prae Legal Network are regularly involved in some of the nation’s largest transactions, we are fully aware of the latest trends in deal structure, regulation, profitability, leverage, and liability protections. Knowing “what’s market” allows us to calibrate our advice to maximize clients’ advantage under any circumstances.

Prae Legal’s Real Estate group provides clients with comprehensive services encompassing the full range of commercial real estate and development issues, including;

  • Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Construction and Development
  • Financing
  • Leasing/Subleasing
  • Real Estate Fund Formation
  • Joint ventures
  • Sale and purchase agreements,
  • Negotiations
  • Foreclosure

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond real estate issues, attorneys in the group are able to connect you to the advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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