PraeLegal’s Immigration Solution


Businesses of every size retain employees in locations around the world and need employees who are internationally mobile. It is fundamental to the growth of businesses and to the career advancement of individual workers.

But in this era of heightened security risks and geopolitical turmoil, cross-border movement is not simple. Immigration is a heavily regulated activity and subject to time-consuming evaluation by federal and international officials. Prae Legal’s immigration group attorneys are focused on identifying strategies that protect clients and enable the timely pursuit of business opportunities wherever they arise.

Prae Legal advises multinational corporations, domestic companies, nonprofit institutions, investors, and individuals about;

  • Visas (Work permits, Study permits, Temporary Visas, Temporary resident permits, Business visitor entry)
  • intra-company transfers
  • hiring of foreign nationals
  • citizenship requirements
  • regulatory compliance
  • other immigration matters
  • Applications to overcome criminal or medical inadmissibility

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond immigration  issues, attorneys  in the group are able to connect you to additional advice, expertise and support you might need from Prae Legal.

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