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North Macedonia

North Macedonia

Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm

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  • Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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  • Address: Office No. 106. Ul. Filip Vtori Makedonski No.3 Soravia Centre Skopje 1000 Skopje / North Macedonia



Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm

Attorney at law Merxhan Dauti and Attorney at law Aleksandar Simjanoski are cofounders of Dauti & SimjanoskiLaw Firm. This Law Firm was established by merging of two separate Law Offices, one that was conductedby Attorney at law Dauti Merxhan in 2010 and the other office conducted by Attorney at law SimjanoskiAleksandar in 2007.

Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm is first law firm that was established in the North-West Macedonia. It is also the biggest law firm in this part of the country.

Dauti & Simjanoski Law Firm is full service law firm that covers Criminal, Civil Law, Commercial law, Family law, labour disputes, Administrative law and Real Estate law.

Attorneys are specialized in litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. All the variety of issues that can rise during our work are also covered by the outsourcing experts in the field. Committed to our mission to become one of the biggest law firms in the Balkan Peninsula, we dedicate all of our knowledge and time to our clients’ best interest.

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