Praelegal Macedonia office officially opens its doors to our clients for giving a wider range of services! Our address is Ul. Filip Vtori Makedonski No:3 Soravia Centre Skopje Office No:106, 1000 Skopje / Macedonia.


Our aim is to meet the needs of our clients in any speciality of law, in any jurisdictions in the world with commanding in-depth knowledge of the local laws, customs and judicial systems.

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Prae Legal provides its clients to access global legal resources through its vast network of well-established 252 law offices in trade centers in 142 countries.


Our clients have access to lawyers from all around the world through Prae Legal Network, with expertise in a diverse range of cross-border transactions.

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Our respectable and influential professionals are experienced in all fields of law. We are ready to provide legal solutions to companies and people all around the world for their legal needs. We can help when you would do business transactions in the most challenging parts of the world.

Prae Legal is an entry point for you to be experienced locally and globally by knowledgeable business lawyers who can make you succeed with commercial and financial know-how and expertise.


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