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PraeLegal Afghanistan

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  • Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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  • Address: Qalai Fathullah 3rd Street, District 10, Kabul, Afghanistan.



PraeLegal Afghanistan

It is apparent that in an era of globalized economy, you have to deal with complex legal system to ensure your success. Gathering professional and locally recognized law firms from all around the world, Prae Legal has proven the objectivity of essence of globalization. It is not a simple classic international legal network, but an experienced family composed of well-known and prestigious professionals in every legal domains and jurisdictions around the globe. Close interrelation among the members and reliable local and cross border connections along with triangle of prompt results, decisive actions, and credible outcomes is simply make me proud to be part of this fascinating team. Our joint effort is the gateway to a broader and globally recognized businesses and transactions. Through Prae Legal Network, it will not be a dream anymore to experience the tangibility of no boundary and reality of the world as a reachable global village. In a concise acknowledgment, Prae Legal thoroughly exemplifies doing business with confidence, shaping the world as desired, and attaining the climax of success.

Telephone   : +93 776218204
Fax                : +93 776218204
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Address       : Qalai Fathullah 3rd Street, District 10, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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